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I need new enemies, old ones started to like me

I knew it, I knew it… This happens when you start being a little nice to your enemies. Nowadays, people don’t seem to respect the relation that establishes between their enemies and themselves. That is not fair, because I tried very hard to make an enemy and I ask to be treated with the hate that I deserve!
Anyway, an enemy goes, another one appears. Here are some steps that you have to follow in order to make a new enemy anytime, anywhere:
-choose your victim ( a person, an animal, an object… actually anything)
-eye them suspiciously (you have to look at them with hate, frustration and creepiness)
TIP: exercise you glare in the mirror
-once you accomplish the first two steps, most likely that person will feel awkward and will come to talk to you, like: „what’s wrong ? You have been starring at me…for the last 20 minutes…” The point is not to feel intimidated and answer in a grumpy way.
-probably they will think you are a „psycho” and will try to avoid you as much as possible
-although you are ignored, don’t give up! Keep treating them as enemies !
TIP: this might be the hardest step because you have to control yourself not to hurt them…yet
-eventually they will start unconsciously to consider you an enemy although they don’t realize that.

Now that I said all this things,wish me luck in getting new enemies. Brake your leg! (literally)