If you read this, you are my #1 enemy

Bleah… This was a blank page. Unfortunately, as soon as I started to write down my thoughts about enemies, thoughts that I never thought I’d say awake and unafraid, asleep or dead, I kind of destroyed the page with my sarcasm and hate.
The only reason why I’m doing this is because I was told there would be free cookies and tea. I’m joking, I have a better reason, a deeper one…
How did this all begin? Well, mix a raining evening with two bored enemies (me and my best friend) that were wondering what is an enemy and a tiny pocket of talent.
So, this is the question : what is an enemy? A person you truly want to see dead? Someone who did something bad to you and you want to avenge? The enemies are the people that give sense to your life. You can’t live without them because they make you feel the taste of revenge. How many times it happened to you to be lonely in your room staring at the walls and stop for a moment and ask youself : what the fuck am I asking??? I am asking for an enemy!
If you are lucky enough to have an enemy you can look at him like that:20130114-112826.jpg


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